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Вакансия «Менеджер по продажам»

In a Large manufacturing company is now open position:
Sales Manager


Work experience. Not less 5 years of work experience in production companies.

• Strong knowledge of principles of marketing and sales;
• Good knowledge of accounting, principles of maintaining financial documentation and preparing contracts;
• Excellent presentation skills;
• Good command of Kazakh, English and Russian language.
• Higher Economic or Technical education

• Manages two plants sales department personnel work;
• Develops pricing strategy. Participates in the development and endorsement of general budget;
• Ensures flexible, stable and coordinated cooperation between Sales, Marketing and Production groups of plants. In cooperation with the plant management and appropriate State authorities works on implementation and accepting International Standards for the output product;
• Studies, plans, follows and controls execution of target production performance indicators in Atyrau, on a monthly basis gives recommendations to Deputy General Director of Marketing, Planning and BD and Marketing Manager regarding execution of plans and identifying changes made to tactical plans during production in order to reach year and long-term targets. Regularly provides information and performance results of the plants. Assigns guidelines to perform long-term (for three years) and short-term (for one year) output targets for the plants in Atyrau region;
• Plans and controls stocks of components and parts for goods manufactured on the plant and placing orders for materials and components in due time for non-stop production operation;
• Organizes development of general marketing and sales strategy, carries out analyses of market condition, activities of competitors on Kazakhstan market and neighboring countries in order to make management decisions. Prepares and approves annual marketing and sales plan in corporation with Marketing Manager. Builds long-term and mutually beneficial partnership with customers.
• Organizes and conducts the work on engaging corporate clients, regional and strategic project operators. Conducting negotiations and making up contracts for delivery of fittings, melting and other special equipment. Develops strategic plans of sales in CIS countries.

Additional requirements:
• Leadership skills;
• Negotiation and communication skills;
• Strong presentation skills; organizational skills.

Bagayev Diyar: +7 701 027 88 14, +7 777 799 13 22
e-mail: cv@elite.kz


Контактная информация

Компания:Рекрутинговая компания Elite, г. Алматы

пр. Абая, д. 20/5
тел. +7 (727) 295 2802 — офисный телефон


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